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Completion and handover Studenthousing RBS 79

On the 3rd August 2023 the studenthousing in the Rennbahnstraße 79-85 in Berlin-Pankow was successfully completed and handed over to the new owner.

The first tenants will move into the student apartments within the next days and we hope that each and everyone will feel at home at once.

Appointment with local advisory council Kool Kiel

On the 14th September 2022 an appointment with the local advisory council in Kiel took place for the project Kool Kiel. The press also reported about the appointment.

Showroom Student Residence RBS 79

Successfully, the showroom for the student residence in the Rennbahnstraße 79-85 in Berlin was presented and approved. Not only the Adore Group, but also the buyers of the student residence are very happy with the planned furniture. We hope, that in the future also the students will feel good in the Rennbahnstraße.

Building application Kool Kiel Wulf

On the 30th March 2022 the managing partners of the Adore Group submitted the building application for the project Kool Kiel Wulf. An emotional and significant step for the realization of the project.

Groundbreaking RBS 79

Festive start of construction for the student residence. A fitting celebration was held with all those involved in the construction of the project, including the architect Max Dudler, representatives of the general constructor Ed. Züblin AG as well as the buyer Catella Residential Investment Management GmbH, the two owners of the Adore Group and all business partners, specialist planners and construction workers. In total 261 student apartments will be built, which in the future will provide a home for students in Berlin.

Completion WW03

With approximately 50 guests the completion of the project WW03 was celebrated including the construction senator of the district Schöneberg in Berlin. Festive speeches from the architect Max Dudler and the owner of the Adore Group offered the guest an enjoyable program – after the festivities the guest made a small tour throughout the hotel “the niu dwarf” as well as the office spaces of the tenant DeBeKa.

Roofing ceremony WW03

100 invited guests celebrated the completion of the shell construction together with the specialist planners, business partners, shareholders, the general constructor and its construction workers, finance partners, neighbors, the project management company and many more. Speeches were held by the architect Max Dudler, representatives of the general constructor, Ed. Züblin AG, the future tenants of the Novum Group and the owners of the Adore Group. The project will in the future be the new location of the hotel “the niu Dwarf” and provide office spaces for the DeBeKa.